A bit too SEO-friendly

Apparently there’s a number of Grimace fetishists out there, as this post from July 2008 is, according to the WordPress widget, among my most popular.

grimace was a dominant top

Thank God for the brave culture warriors leading the boycott of McDonald’s, which has aggressively promoted the gay agenda for more than a generation.

Certainly I wasn’t the only one who noticed the absence of females from McDonaldland. Ronald McDonald? More like Ronald McDandy. Grimace was an obvious phallic symbol (swollen penis, perhaps)? And what about Mayor McCheese’s oversized head? These sodomites aren’t subtle when it comes to recruiting your children.

“WOW!! Terrorism = Homosexuals = McDonalds What’s next McDonalds? Beastiality?” (via the Boycott McDonald’s site)

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