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Fred Shuttlesworth mattered more than Steve Jobs

I’m sorry Steve Jobs died. He was a master innovator whose contributions were significant (though not as great as Willis Carrier, inventor of air conditioning, which made the New South possible).

The Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth also died Wednesday. Here’s what he did with his life:

He was brutally beaten by a mob, sprayed with city fire hoses, and arrested by police 35 times. He was blown out of his bed by a bomb set by the Ku Klux Klan, which also bombed his church. …

Shuttlesworth founded the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights in 1956, when he began violating Birmingham’s bus segregation law. He risked his life again and again to pave the way for a minority’s civil rights.

“That Fred Shuttlesworth did not become a martyr was not for lack of trying,” said his biographer, Andrew Manis, author of “A Fire You Can’t Put Out.” ‘’There was not a person in the civil rights movement who put himself in the position of being killed more often than Fred Shuttlesworth.”

Jobs should be remembered. Shuttlesworth should be revered.


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