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Greed may do ‘The Simpsons’ a favor

“The Simpsons,” which hasn’t been relevant since the end of the last century, may finally be nearing the end.

The reason is a negotiating impasse between the studio and the six principal actors who voice the beloved characters on the animated series that hilariously satirizes middle-class Midwestern angst.

I’m rooting for greed. There’s no debating “The Simpsons” was, in its prime, the greatest TV show ever. It went downhill fast once writer and producer Ian Maxtone-Graham’s influence grew — more on him here.

One thought on “Greed may do ‘The Simpsons’ a favor Leave a comment

  1. I had the same reaction when I saw this story. End it already. You can tell Fox is over the Simpsons too by the scant attention they pay to the show in their Sunday night promos (it’s all hack-tastic Seth Macfarlane now).

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