1/3 of S.C. GOP voters are ignorant

Ignorant being the most polite way to describe the “30 percent of self-identified S.C. Republicans and Republican-leaning voters [who] say Obama is a Muslim.” Another 36 percent say the president “probably” or “definitely” was born in another country. Speaking of the president and  the Palmetto state: Obama Visits South-Carolina-Ravaged South Carolina

Hi Chris

Andrew Sullivan had been lamenting the absence of a gay superstar before someone reminded him of one 30 years removed from the closet, when the famous didn’t dare disclose their homosexuality. Few athletes were more dominant than Martina Navratilova and none had bigger balls (not meant pejoratively, so calm down). Do men never tire of … Continue reading Hi Chris

The 70s Will Smith turns 71

On International Talk Like a Pirate Day, no less. Coincidence? I’ve posted about Paul Williams a few times over the years, which is strange enough. Like Smith, Paul Williams was a marginally talented actor and musician. Okay, so he wasn’t as popular, but the troll-like Williams was a regular on “Match Game” and “The Gong Show,” … Continue reading The 70s Will Smith turns 71

Crooked governor defends appointment of bigoted plagiarist

It’s impossible to defend the appointment of a bigot like Phil Kent to the newly created Immigration Enforcement Review Board , and Gov. Nathan Deal, interviewed by 11 Alive’s Doug Richards, doesn’t even try. Asked whether Kent’ views on multiculturalism (he’s called Barack Obama “a dangerous, anti-white multiculturalist” and claims that Obama’s success in attracting support from … Continue reading Crooked governor defends appointment of bigoted plagiarist

Tea party porn

You know it’s coming (pun acknowledged). Sample dialogue: “Give me liberty or give me Seka.” “I cannot tell a lie. That was the best blowjob I ever received.” Erotic and educational, the tea party porn collection will rebut leftist myths like the one about George Washington’s wooden dick.