1/3 of S.C. GOP voters are ignorant

Ignorant being the most polite way to describe the “30 percent of self-identified S.C. Republicans and Republican-leaning voters [who] say Obama is a Muslim.” Another 36 percent say the president “probably” or “definitely” was born in another country.

Speaking of the president and  the Palmetto state:

Obama Visits South-Carolina-Ravaged South Carolina

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6 Comments on 1/3 of S.C. GOP voters are ignorant

  1. Heinrich // September 21, 2011 at pm //

    Well, it appears that the only smart S.C. born citizen left to New York for the Colbert Show….

  2. How do you know Obama is not a Muslim? I don’t think it is appropriate to say it’s definitely one way or the other.

  3. How do you know Sarah Palin is not a Muslim?

  4. I don’t.

    But, actions speak louder than words.

  5. What actions are those? Fuck this why am I engaging a conspiratorial moron.

  6. I don’t recall Sarah Palin doing/saying anything that would indicate she is a Muslim.


    I find your previous comment libelous.

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