The most mawkish of the 9/11 retrospectives

The BIO channel is running a Sept. 11 special so offensive you assume it’s a parody. It’s not. Hollywood spares no hyperbole when patting itself on the back.

When Pop Culture Saved America: A 9/11 Story

Never forget the sacrifices made by pop stars like Lance Bass and J.C. Chasez, the REAL heroes of Sept. 11.

2 responses to “The most mawkish of the 9/11 retrospectives”

  1. This is on Hulu. Afer seeing the title, I had to watch. I giggled through a lot of it. Then I had to find people making fun of it on the internet. I Googled “how pop culture saved america smug”. No way was I the only person who saw this episode as absurd. I still can’t stop giggling. It’s like something out of South Park (it IS something out of Team America). I like entertainment industry people. I work around them. Maybe the audience gets something out of hearing celebrity stories about 9/11. Some of the parts were interesting to revist (like Giuliani on SNL). But this is the dillusional entertainment folks. This is like some kind of parody. It’s played so straight that maybe it’s a rich and deep commentary on pop culture. Like, something I can’t yet wrap my mind around. Nobody had any nudge-nudge yea-right self-awareness about the documentry they were interviewing for. And that leaves it very true. It’s like a historical record for the archives of our time.

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