Is the Obama Administration really this feckless?

Just watched David Axelrod muddle through a series of tired platitudes and token solutions to the economic crisis. On one side we have unrealistic, often loony proposals and on the other, well, nothing. Nothing of consequence, anyway.

At the end of the day, the president needs to pivot. No more kicking the can down the road. Instead, Obama should have an adult conversation with the American people. We want a balanced approach. We need a game-changer.

Leave no political cliche behind.

7 responses to “Is the Obama Administration really this feckless?”

  1. Good luck with that…

  2. No private sector experience, a disdain for capitalism, looming socialized healthcare, looming tax hikes to fund Obamacare, a threat to raise capital gains tax significantly, a refusal to lower corporate tax rates, attacking the private jet industry (nice hit to the good folks at Gulfstream in Savannah) and elsewhere, pending / threatening significant changes with clean air act that will eliminate several coal plants, a failed $800 billion dollar stimulus blown, and no attempt to seriously cut the debt or deficit as – thank you Obama voters and feckless democrat myrmidons.

    It’ll be a tough 18 months and then hopefully a reasonable and responsible adult takes over a la Reagan in 1980. Jimmy Carter should be thankful he has lived to see a worse President than him. Hell even Carter took responsibility for his actions………..

  3. Really agree with your original post, malcontent. It’s easy to become jaded with all the policital-speak these days, from both sides of the aisle.

  4. Whenever someone calls it “Obamacare,” I stop listening to their argument.

  5. Kind of like when people use the term tea baggers…

  6. Also true, although heard much less often. When anyone uses that kind of language, it instantly tells you that they’re only interested in giving you their party talking points, and not offer anything of value.

  7. well…poor grammar, but you get the idea.

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