In praise of Saxby

One thought on “In praise of Saxby”

  1. A “deal” means business as usual. Can we afford that? That politicians like Chambliss are suddenly concerned about the fiscal health of the U.S. makes me ask where the hell they have been since they arrived in Washington, D.C. We didn’t dig this hole in the last year.

    Obama’s indiscriminate spending, with the assistance of a complicit Congress, has accelerated the day of reckoning so that it may no longer be possible to kick the can down the road for another group of politicians to inherit in future. As the Economist put it, pension funds have been enabled with post-dated checks written by the politicians of yesterday and yesteryear.

    No Democrat has proposed a concrete plan. Obama has publicly stated what budget he will not sign, but has so far presented no detailed plan. All the negotiations so far have consisted of Obama telling Republicans “No.” He may find out that is a deficient strategy, economically and politically.

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