No shame in this plug

I’d be jealous of my friend Andisheh, a published author with a favorable blurb from the Times, if he wasn’t such a good egg.

Taking the Dumb Out of Freedom.
By Jodi Lynn Anderson, Daniel Ehrenhaft and Andisheh Nouraee.
Illustrated. 240 pp. Walker. Cloth, $24.99. Paper, $16.99. (Young adult; ages 12 and up)

This graphics-rich collaboration by three Gen X writers is like Jon Stewart’s “America” for the Y.A. set. But unlike Stewart’s readers — at least theoretically — the intended audience for “Americapedia” still needs to learn the basics of the American Revolution (“America Unfriends Great Britain”). So while the book holds no shortage of attitude and satire, it also imparts an impressive array of historical substance and even a degree of earnestness and patriotism, complete with an appendix on civic action for teenagers.

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