Worst trend ever

Learn The Bachelorette Flash Mob Dance!

Wanna play a cruel trick on yours truly? Set me up with a flash mob enthusiast.

Speaking of, is this not the most annoying commercial ever? Braves fans like myself are subjected to it a good 20 times a night — bad enough we have to endure Chip Caray.

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5 thoughts on “Worst trend ever

  1. tbone82 says:

    I’m glad somebody else hates this commercial. There are a lot of stupid ones on these days.

  2. tbone82 says:

    Yeah, that one is annoying too. I find the J.G. Wentworth opera singer commercials entertaining, but that’s probably because I’m a classical musician…I’m always interested to hear what other people think about them

  3. Jack Straw says:

    This commercial offends me as a human being. It makes me doubt that we are the apex of learning and intelligence.

  4. tbone82 says:

    Another really dumb one that won’t go away–that DirecTV commercial where everyone’s head turns into Ben Franklin. ugh.

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