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Worst trend ever

Learn The Bachelorette Flash Mob Dance!

Wanna play a cruel trick on yours truly? Set me up with a flash mob enthusiast.

Speaking of, is this not the most annoying commercial ever? Braves fans like myself are subjected to it a good 20 times a night — bad enough we have to endure Chip Caray.


5 thoughts on “Worst trend ever Leave a comment

  1. I’m glad somebody else hates this commercial. There are a lot of stupid ones on these days.

  2. Yeah, that one is annoying too. I find the J.G. Wentworth opera singer commercials entertaining, but that’s probably because I’m a classical musician…I’m always interested to hear what other people think about them

  3. This commercial offends me as a human being. It makes me doubt that we are the apex of learning and intelligence.

  4. Another really dumb one that won’t go away–that DirecTV commercial where everyone’s head turns into Ben Franklin. ugh.

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