No refunds for the subsidisers

Just say 'hell no!'

Let’s say 10 years from now — long after the Georgia General Assembly approves public funding for a new Falcons stadium (shouldn’t that be put to a statewide referendum?) — NFL owners preside over another lockout. A prolonged work stoppage ensues.

Who will reimburse the taxpayers who funded the stadium, the ones misled to believe that a new facility would bring added revenues to the city and state? What about the merchants who open establishments dependent on fan business?

Fan reimbursement — that’s funny. Additional subsidizing is more like it, in the form of higher ticket prices to cover alleged losses by team owners.

Why haven’t we heard from the Tea Party on this? Are they okay with government subsidies, as long as they don’t go to the poor?

6 responses to “No refunds for the subsidisers”

  1. There are three kinds of statements about a new stadium for the Falcons.

  2. Seems to me this newer breed of stadium and park, with all its wonderful amenities that leave little time for watching a ball game, are a product of municipal and other public funding. The Ted is a perfect example. When it’s someone else’s money, you can literally spare no expense.

    If any fans are okay with sitting on hard benches and using troughs as urinals, as is still the case with Grayson Stadium here in Savannah, then the owner can afford to build his own park on his own land and charge whatever admission fee the market will bear. Player salaries will be commensurate.

    This would be a good tea party issue, I agree.

  3. The Tea Party would agree with Jack, but right now Barry, Timmy, Harry and their friends are trying to bankrupt the country….

  4. … While the Tea Party caucus plays chicken with the global economy. It’s one thing to stand on principle, but credibility is ceded when people w/ titles like “Senator” and “Congresswoman” tell their constituents that raising the debt ceiling doesn’t really matter. Economist Limbaugh says so.

    The International Monetary Fund, on the other hand, says failing to increase the government’s borrowing limit could deliver a “severe shock” to global markets. Yes, I know, experts in their fields are all Communist agents bent on renaming Reagan Airport “Van Jones Co-Op Aerial Field,” but I still trust them more than former/(current) market researcher Jim DeMint.

    I do hope the GOP stands firm on austerity while rejecting the bizzaro McGovernites threatening to take over their party. A few months ago many Republicans spoke approvingly of the Bowles-Simpson Plan; now such a compromise is viewed as surrender to the Bolsheviks.

    When the stakes are this high give me pragmatism over purity.

  5. Jack, the Ted wat not publicly funded. It was paid for by the Olympics, which was motly funded by TV broadcasters and corporate sponsors, for better or worse.

  6. San Fran’s ballyard was also not publicly funded. Helluva facility. Arthur Blank could afford the same.

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