‘Where is Bull Conner [sic] and his dogs?’

How ironic, and predictable, that Jim from Houston ain’t ones for proper Englush.

Where is Bull Conner and his dogs? What part of “Illegal” is so damned difficult to understand?

Jem’s comment was typical of the 250 (and counting) found on Glenn Beck’s Blaze website in response to coverage of Saturday’s protest of HB 87 in downtown Atlanta. Not a single commenter challenges the racism of Jimey and his ilk. (I’m not calling all supporters of HB 87 racist, but the rabid bigotry excerpted below is more prevalent, and accepted, than we like to think.)

Want our country back

How about this idea….. set up a ‘fake’ facebook protest for illegals and then round them all up and take them home…… I’m sure they would love Mexico this time of year, weather is great and there are jobs there that Mexican‘s won’t do…… send them home…. save our republic…..


When they are bunched up like that it makes it easier to load them on rail cars headed south. With Obama’s bullet trains the job can be done faster.


Liberals better be careful what they protest for. I’m sorry, but I’ve seen what Illegal Mexicans do to a neighborhood when they move in. They bring the same dirty habit they had in Mexico with them. Then you start seeing live chickens running throught these neighborhoods. It’s True !!!


My suggestion, bring home all our troops, build a double fence along the boarder, about 100 yds. apart . Set up machine gun towers about every 1000 yd.
ANYONE caught in between the two fences, kill them and let them rot in the sand.

Ohh, did I mention that anyone caught here illegally would be ushered to the the 1st. fence?


I guess white is no longer a color. At least a color that counts.


Azadeh Shahshahani of the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia: “I think it’s going to have an impact,” she said. “Unfortunately, the damage has already been done as far as people of color having second thoughts about moving to Georgia.”

Hey Azzho, that’s the ideal.


All ILLEGALS, including the present illegal sitting in OUR house “pretending” to be President, need to be picked up, rounded up and escorted to the nearest border: Canada, Mexico, Pacific or Atlantic Oceans. If need be, they need to be put on boats or trains, whatever, and shipped out NOW. No passing “go”; no collecting bags, “stuff” from houses….just GO HOME, NOW.

The Time Has Come

Call in the Natioal Guard and start gunning these anti american illegal POS down.How long are ameicans going stand by and allow this nation to be destroyed.


I do not give a rat’s rear end about those whose families will be broken up. In fact, lets send the worthless POS back to their country of origin, especially if they were born here to ILLEGAL immigrants.


Folks your Government no longer protects you from these murderers, robberers, rapists and tax eaters…you must get ready to save your country and your family…remember, when a nations laws are no longer enforced the people become the law. Get ready now, to protect your country and your family. The diseases these illegals bring into the country are killing our children every day and the murders, robberies and rapes committed by theses illegals is increasing.


These sonsabitches are gonna start getting shot on sight if they don‘t start minding their p’s and q’s. AMERICAN citizens have had enough.

2 responses to “‘Where is Bull Conner [sic] and his dogs?’”

  1. Fair enough. Now look at it through the eyes of the Mexicans. The revanchist/reconquista movement underlies much of our illegal immigration problem. Demographics say that by 2050, the USA will be majority hispanic. Given that immigrants in the large numbers we’ve received from Mexico tend to stick together and form cultural enclaves, the spirit of the “melting pot” is defeated. If you are a Mexican who feels that Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and half of California were “stolen” in the mid-nineteenth century, then sneaking into the US is an act of patriotism.

    I would be in favor of suspending all immigration from any other country for five (5) years and assigning all visas to Mexicans. There is nothing wrong with hispanics. What is wrong is the large numbers. 10% of all Mexicans live in the United States, and after they become US citizens they still are permitted to vote in Mexican elections. That is a real problem, as it amounts to our elections being decided by foreign nationals.

    Mexicans see everything through the prism of color. When Sonja Sotomayor made the comment that a wise LATINA woman would make BETTER decisions THAN a WHITE man, she was speaking at a LaRaz symposium. (I have capitalized the pertinent words, as that is how it sounded to the La Raz members present). I am sure you are aware of La Raz, what it means, and the nature of their mission. Sotomayor’s statement was blatantly racist and no different than anything David Duke ever said. But that’s okay with me; I would rather know. We are better off when the Klan march in public, where we can keep an eye on them.

  2. I agree with the “melting pot is defeated” theory. Just see enclaves with major chinese or hispanic population – they stick to themselves and don’t learn english. I however think that since the recession started immigrants – especially hispanic ones – are the main target of white hatred. Illegal immigration is only possible due to a demand, and it doesn’t work to brake down the supply side. It is like a drug addict – you make it harder to get the drug – still there will be a way to get it. Instead of starting shutting down all factories, companies etc. that employ “illegal” immigrants you wasting valuable money for stupid increased border patrol. In this regard the GA law does actually something partly good with the electronic verification.

    It still should be easier to get a visa if you have a job here.

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