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A single man wonders

Do couples have fights if one doesn’t update their Facebook status to reflect they are “in a relationship?” At what point is the declaration made? Obligation, or point of pride? Just curious, and bemused.






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  1. It’s a big deal among teenage-college relationships. It’s known as “facebook official”

    As a recent college graduate, I’ve seen plenty of arguments arise, mainly from sorority girl types. The key, one I wish I would have realized earlier, is that someone who would get upset over facebook relationship statuses isn’t worth being in a relationship with.

  2. Well, Malcontent, I can only tell you about my own situation (which you may have observed on Facebook yourself). Relationship status is, honestly, somewhat an issue because the site is used as an informal dating site by a lot of its subscribers. So leaving the status ambiguous/blank or single (by its most technical definition of “not married”) is tantamount to saying you’re on the market…at least to those “friends” who are trolling for that kind of thing. My anecdotal experience tells me this is true for both men and women. A blank status or single status is interpreted as an open invitation for interested parties to take a shot at you. While it may seem immature and silly to insist on Facebook transparency from your partner, it is a practical concern because of the nature of the site. The reason that’s in your profile, it seems, is to let “friends” know if they can entertain thoughts of more than friendship…no?

  3. It becomes as issue when one party feels the first pangs of insecurity. So, call-me-chipper is right; someone who would get upset likely isn’t worth being in a relationship with.

    But, Norma also is right. The relationship status always has been one of the primary “selling” features of Facebook, according to the movie (which is pretty much all I know about it). It is the 21st century version of being “pinned”. More important to some than to others.

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