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And an overbearing ex-sportscaster shall lead them

Debuting on the MySpace of cable TV networks, Keith Olbermann reminded viewers he’s the “last line of defense” against those evil corporations, in their corporation buildings, acting all corporation-y.

I trust everyone’s sent Keith an e-mail thanking him for saving America.






One thought on “And an overbearing ex-sportscaster shall lead them Leave a comment

  1. What is it about corporations that drives leftists ape-shit? The corporation is a modern creation, and it has helped economies grow beyond what anyone could have comprehended 200 years ago. If a corporation is making “obscene profits”, then it might be a good idea to buy their stock, rather than regulate and tax them into subservience.
    Corporations are wealth creators. That is a good thing. We already have the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world. Imagine how much off-shore money would come home if we cut the tax rates.

    Olbermann, of course, has never been self-employed to my knowledge, but has spent his entire adult life working for big corporations. In that regard he is just another incarnation of the ’60s hippie radicals who protested everything in sight while living off their parents’ generosity.

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