A dangerous woman

6 thoughts on “A dangerous woman”

  1. Yes, she’s a right wing extremist and a little nuts. But think about this.

    You write something on this site. Me and Dave from Rowland’s Office accost you in the mens room at Turner Field. Then we block you from leaving. You’re going to freak out and say Lord knows what. I don’t fault Bachmann for this incident. I do fault her for being anti gay and having no sense of tolerance or moderation.

  2. I wouldn’t run from the bathroom screaming and call the police. I doubt they were blocking her from leaving, either. Note no charges were filed.

    Bachmann’s a hysterical lunatic. She makes Sarah Palin look sane.

  3. If you approve of Obama’s association with Rev Wright and Bill Ayers you have no ground to stand on against Bachmann’s associations.

    And, as long as you where not in the bathroom with her and the “lesbians” you have no idea what happened.

    Personally I would not want to vote for Bachmann, but I have a better reason that the two you fabricated here.

  4. What was fabricated? I presented more than 2 reasons (check the last link). Since one of the “lesbians” was a nun, I doubt they were trying to rape Bachmann, her hysterical reaction aside. The first story I linked was well-researched.

    Why do you assume I approved of Obama’s associations. The Ayers connection is flimsy and I have not had kind things to say about Rev. Wright:

    “Obama said Wright is like an uncle to him, a comment he’s bound to regret. Considering that characterization, I thought of myself, 20, 30 years down the road, showing up drunk at the hospital where my nephew was primed to become chief oncologist, a cigarette in one hand, cheap sun reflector in the other, alternately coughing and wheezing, pausing just long enough to demand “Dr. Feelgood” fork over more under-the-counter meds.”

  5. The two ladies may not have had any ill motives, but a bathroom is not the place to accost anyone. If they had something to say to her, or questions to ask, they should have waited until she exited. I have been in situations that made me very uneasy, and you don’t know if a situation is going to escalate until it does.

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