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Okely dokely, Romneytron

The Anchorman tries oh so hard.

"Which hair product do you prefer?"

“South Park is funny,” he admitted, adding, “you know your faith has made it big time when it’s being made fun of on Broadway.” But even more shocking was his admission that he read and enjoyed Twilight, the vampire series that became that movie your 12-year-old cousin wouldn’t stop talking about. “I like the Twilight series; I thought that was fun,” he said, adding that he discovered it through his granddaughter. He did add a caveat though: “I don’t like vampires personally– I don’t know any.”

You’re terrible, Mitt.

In the same interview Romneytron confesses to be a big fan of “American Idol” and The Beatles. He focus grouped Lady Gaga but she didn’t score high with Iowans or South Carolinians.


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  1. I like Mitt Romney but I don’t want him to be my president and I don’t believe he is electable.

    Mys sister married a Mormon and raised 5 Mormon kids, 4 of whom turned out wonderfully. The boys all have graduate degrees and the girl is married to a doctor. Those kids have about have about 12 kids between them. They live Ozzie and Harriett existences. None of them has a drinking problem, or does drugs, or beats his wife, or fathers children out of wedlock and lets the government (i.e. their neighbors) pay to raise them.

    My experience with Mormons has been nothing but positive, but of course I think they are a cult and therefore not to be completely trusted. Mark Twain had some wicked and true things to say about Mormons in “Roughing It”. Statistics bear out my personal experience as to the low incidence of vice and the high rate of educational achievement for Mormons, similar to jews.

  2. The question that sticks out – why is the religious believe of someone running for president always so important when at the same time state and church ought to be separated…

    As if your believes make you a better person, or more morally person. I mean if someone still believes that, where did this person live in the last 20-40 years?

  3. “Separation of church and state” is a fiction. The Constitution doesn’t require it. What the constitution forbids is a state religion.

    This country was founded on informed religious principles, specifically Judeo-Christian principles. Without the Ten Commandments to shape our laws, where would we be? A relief sculpture of Moses in fact appears at one end of the Supreme Court building, completed in 1935? What did they still know in 1935 that we have forgotten?

    Why do we say stealing is wrong? Why not codify Darwinism, so that if you can take it by force, you get to keep it?

    ALL of our laws are either handed down from, or informed by, religious values.

  4. ‘What the constitution forbids is a state religion’ – which is why it should be unconstitutional for the state to fund a church or other religious organization (i.e. faith-based initiatives).

  5. I prefer to think that the presence of Confucius in the eastern pediment of the 1935 Supreme Court Building means that the laws in the U.S. were handed down from, or informed by, the dynastic empires of fifth century China.

  6. Faith-based initiatives are perfectly legal and okay. Under Atlpaddy’s analysis, only organizations which are completely and totally DEVOID of religion can be supported by the state. That is not, nor has it ever been, the law.

  7. Obama spent 20 years in this church

    no one from the left complained. I’ll take Mitt any day over the week than the destructive Obama. Half the jobs created in April were from McDonalds – how can any clear thinking person defend the fruit of Obama and Democrats.

    Only a socialist or Marxist would be pleased. Maybe a stalinist since Obama has been hell bent on putting us in an unprovoked war in Libya. Cindy Sheehan where are you?

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