What’s changed in 60 years

3 thoughts on “What’s changed in 60 years”

  1. Newt writes books. Rich journalists probably end up doing the same or become editors and publishers.

    Regardless the politicians have outstanding pensions / benefits regardless of time served – amazing what one can do with unaccountable power.

    Many Americans choose to worry more about American Idol and the NFL strike – you know things that matter.

  2. What about the Clintons as an example – talk about using your political power to create millions.

    Sarah made hay will the sun was shining. She isn’t running for president. She is on the publicity tour to keep that hay growing.

  3. This is a nonpartisan problem. My point is Palin or Newt or the Clintons wouldn’t be rich if not for their political careers. I don’t think that’s what the framers had in mind.

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