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Noted & quoted, sane conservative edition

Via George Will:

“The threshold question, not usually asked, but it’s in everyone’s mind in a presidential election. ‘Should we give this person nuclear weapons?’ And the answer [in Palin’s case], answers itself.”






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  1. The only thing that could get Sarah Palin elected is Barack Obama. The Democrats insisted on the most left-wing candidate they could scrounge up in 2008 because a Democrat was sure to be elected. Obama, a do-nothing with no record of success at anything, no experience governing and NO history of actual work, was essentially shoved down our throats. Sometimes, the people of the U.S. shove back. “President Palin”. I like the alliterative ring it carries.

  2. Shoved down our throats,eh? Never mind that Obama got more popular votes than any president ever. If it’s experience and success you want, Jack, a half-term governor of a state with fewer residents than DeKalb County fits the bill? I understand you consider law professor, senator, and community organizer artificial jobs, so what “real job” has the woman who quit as a tiny-state governor held? May or a tiny town? TV sports caster in a tiny town? Reality TV star? Tweeter?

  3. Obama was a part-time law professor. I promise you that is not a hard gig. And no, I do not consider Senator and community organizer to be real jobs. Obama has coasted on the color of his skin his entire life. He’s never broken a sweat.

    If a Republican had said there were 57 states the media would have played it over and over until finally the GOP had to replace the candidate. Not with a Democrat. They get a free pass from the likes of NBC, CBS and Cox.

    I don’t like Palin. I don’t consider her qualified to be President. But she is more qualified than Obama was. They are both jokes, just with different punch lines.

  4. Obama served as an active senator for 140 days. You see the results from electing an inexperienced idealogue…

    Not sure how anyone in their right mind could defend the destruction of Obama and the democrats. They have been terrible. As bad as the Repubs were from 2002-2006 the democrats doubled down. Americans vote for shit you get shit.

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