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‘Fair and balanced’ history

The Reagan worship is getting creepy. (via Andrew Sullivan)




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  1. In eight years in office, I don’t recall the media having a single good thing to say about Ronald Reagan. They laughed at him, said he was too old, said he was stupid, said he was simple. I honestly do not recall one nice thing said about the man while he was in office.

    George W. Bush, same thing. He did a lot of good things. His initiative to combat AIDS in Africa never got him even an “attaboy” from the NYT or WaPo. Obama has realized that Gitmo is essential, and that civil trials for terrorists are unworkable, and that Bush did a terrific job in many other respects. 30 years from now, will history worship ole W?

  2. Exactly, Reagan financed the Taliban who than attacked under W’s watch….he got rid of many regulations for Wall Street and the banking system which than collapsed under W. Perfect. In this context Reagan who stupid…

    W. Attacked Iraq based on a lie. Not that I am against getting rid of Saddam, they should have done that earlier. And totally ok to do it. But the lies about WMD? It would have been totally enough to say that Saddam violated 17 UN regulations so we not taking it anymore and started the bombing.
    W. initiated the Patriot act which takes away more freedom than health care. Strangely nobody was against it, don’t understand americans sometimes…who can people be so afraid when they are highly armed???
    Oh, and when it is a terrific job to not give a shit about New Orleans, then yes, W did a terrific job.

  3. There is very little in the Patriot Act that is new, or was. Mostly it is an amalgam of then-existing laws and rules, brought together under one roof. Roving wire-taps are new.

    Yes, we financed the Taliban. But Saddam was our buddy in those days,, too. We don’t have the luxury either of a crystal ball, or allies who share identical values.

    Bush did not attack Saddam based on a lie. EVERYBODY, including British and Israeli intelligence, thought Saddam had WMD. And he may have, but had months to transport them to Syria by ground.

    In Heinrich’s defense, the loosening of the rules governing Savings and Loans DID occur on Reagan’s watch, and it directly led to the S&L debacle. Reagan signed that legislation in a Rose Garden ceremony.

    But this mantra that Bush didn’t care about New Orleans is tiring. The governor, Blanco, refused to take calls from the White House, directing aides to tell them she was asleep. The states with Republican governors – Florida, Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi – had no problems like those of Louisiana. But I guess that was a Republican White House refusing to help a Democratic state, like Obama refusing federal disater relief for Texas last month.

    And Ray Nagin was not even in New Orleans. I believe he was in Atlanta, sleeping on Cynthia Tucker’s couch. There are no photographs of Nagin in New Orleans until the Thursday after the levees wee breached, when Air Force One touched down. Tucker appeared on Bill Maher’s show, defending Nagin when NO ONE had attacked him. Nagin is a former Cox employee. Methinks she did protest too much.

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