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More proof the American education system is the greatest in the world

(via Sean Bonner)

mbyhoff: peterfeld: tanya77: Hats off to Ned Hepburn for collecting all the Osama confusion on Twitter today. I imagine this perspective might be even more common among the non-Twitter-enabled population. I’m pretty sure he’s a member of Arcade Fire.





3 thoughts on “More proof the American education system is the greatest in the world Leave a comment

  1. Obviously, throwing money at the problem isn’t getting us anywhere. So let’s try something different.

  2. Well, throwing money is always helpful – but it needs to be dependent on the outcome. Good teachers get better pays, bad teacher easier fired, more school books, more libraries, good students get scholarships, bad students a football stipend…oh wait.

    No I agree, money alone doesn’t help. Still cutting salaries, lectures etc because of less money will not be the answer either….

  3. There comes a point where an increase in money nets diminishing returns. There then comes another point, where additional money actually is harmful. That’s where we are. Government jobs are so lucrative, when all the benefits are tallied, that all the wrong people are attracted to the positions for all the wrong reasons.

    Government work should be bare bones. There should be no retirement benefit for working a bullshit, mindless, effortless clerical position for 30 years. Government employees should make considerably less precisely to entice them to LEAVE government after a few years. It should be just a half-step above McDonalds or the Greyhound station.

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