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Verdict is in on Roger McDowell

Not legally binding, of course, but after reading this second fan’s account I’m fairly convinced the Braves pitching coach is an asshole.

Todd Achondo says he will not hire Gloria Allred or any other attorney to present his case against Atlanta pitching coach Roger McDowell. He can’t imagine reenacting graphic sexual gestures in front of a camera while his young sons sit nearby, as Allred and client Justin Quinn did during a news conference attended by Quinn’s 9-year-old twin daughters.

Achondo found much of Wednesday’s display absurd – except for the facts behind it.

MLB has suspended McDowell for two weeks without pay. I thought he would receive worse punishment — a month would’ve been appropriate. Firing him would’ve been excessive (was Kobe Bryant forced to retire?), but McDowell has put himself at the mercy of the indignation councils. Don’t expect any sympathy outside of the Limbaugh bubble.


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