Another trial w/o jury by the queer establishment?

2 thoughts on “Another trial w/o jury by the queer establishment?”

  1. King and Spalding was subjected to a barrage of criticisms and protests after signing on to defend DOMA. They fired the client after about a week of denunciations.

  2. Andrew Sullivan summed that incident up well:

    This is an offensive attack on liberal democracy. There is no “appropriate” or “inappropriate” principle in defending even the most unpopular laws or vile individuals. It is precisely unpopular or despised laws and individuals that deserve legal defense, unfettered by political constraints.

    To put pressure on lawyers defending clients or laws because lobby groups don’t like them is deeply illiberal. It remains disgusting, for example, that rightwing groups targeted lawyers defending terror suspects and Gitmo prisoners. When the far right did this, it was despicable. Now that the left is doing it, it remains just as despicable.

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