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Good thing James Frey isn’t writing about Muhammad

Disgraced author James Frey, in a new tome chronicling the Second Coming of Christ, depicts the Messiah as “an active bisexual who supports his prostitute girlfriend when she aborts her first child.”

Replace Jesus with Muhammad and I think you can guess the consequences in places such as Kandahar. While forcing Frey into hiding might count as a good thing, innocent lives would likely be lost.

I bring this up not to to indulge in theological superiority but to consider the impact of such religious fervor on American foreign policy. Wishing it weren’t so and trying to rationalize the inexcusable gets us nowhere.

It’s also instructive to note the violent reaction to the idiot Florida pastor’s Koran burning was pretty much contained to Afghanistan. If, as Bachmann Palin Overdrive claim, Islamic extremists have taken over in Egypt (they heard it on Rush), why did they pass on an opportunity to stir up a frenzy? That’s what they do.

Note how our politicians tend to a.) minimize the threat posed by Muslim fanatics or b.) exaggerate their influence.


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  1. Muslims are constantly chanting “Death to the Jews”. Iran has vowed to wipe Israel off the map. The very existence of jews is unabidingly offensive to the Muslim world. Yet I’ve never once heard a Jew say “Kill all the Muslims.” If Islamic terrorism weren’t such an imminent threat they would be ridiculous.

    And you may think that the reaction to that Florida “minister”‘s burning of the Koran was confined to Afghanistan, but it’s too early yet to tell. The Danish cartoons were two (2) years old when they were suddenly noticed and violence broke out. And muslim memories are long when it comes to enumerating their grievances; years from now some jackass jihadist is liable to include the Florida Koran burning in a laundry list of reasons he had to kill a bunch of innocent western children.

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