‘Bible camp counselor’ in chief

If Ned Flanders was an insincere pol, he’d be Tim Pawlenty.

  • Try really hard to be cool:“If this was a Lady Gaga song, the relationship between the youth vote and Barack Obama would be ‘Bad Romance’… We may not in this room have tiger blood like [Charlie Sheen] does, but we’ve got something else in common with him. There’s going to be a lot of winning on the Republican side in 2012.”
  • Try really hard to be tough: “The just-out-of-office Minnesota governor confesses a love in his new book for ‘watching two guys, gloves down, helmets off, pounding each other while the ref stands back and lets it happen.'”

Wouldn’t want to offend China

Neither President Barack Obama nor Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has singled out China for public criticism over the latest wave of arrests, though both have said that they always raise human rights in their private conversations with Chinese officials.

Which makes them just like every administration, Republicans and Democrat.

Artist Ai Weiwei, who collaborated on the design for Beijing’s Olympic stadium, is the latest high-profile critic of the Chinese government who was reported detained. He was stopped at Beijing’s airport on April 3 as he prepared to fly to Hong Kong, and his whereabouts since have not been disclosed by Chinese authorities. …

Wolf said he doesn’t expect much from his colleagues in Congress either, where he said neither party “has the heart to take this issue on” or to press China to change its human rights record by threatening punitive measures on trade or currency.

American foreign policy — inconsistent and unashamed.

The crass insincerity of Rusty Limbo

There’s no debating whether Limbaugh is a buffoon. Further evidence:

March 30

Obama and Mrs. Clinton are suggesting now that we make it official, that we start arming the rebels in Libya. They are suggesting that we arm Al-Qaeda – and yet, ladies and gentlemen, we, you and me, are the extremists. We are arming Al-Qaeda in Libya!

March 7

This guy’s got a chip on his shoulder about the country. He doesn’t believe in exceptionalism about America, doesn’t believe in America’s greatness. One of the reasons he’s not doing anything in Libya with Khadafy — has anybody got a clue? — is he doesn’t believe we have the moral authority to do anything other than mouth a bunch of words in the first place.

Can we at least agree that too many people have opinions on subjects they know nothing about? Why would anyone listen to Limbaugh, or Ed Schultz, for that matter, on Libya. Their opinions aren’t formed on experience or knowledge, just regurgitated talking points.

There’s good reason to oppose the military intervention in Libya, but “because Obama supports it” isn’t one of them. That’s nothing more than fourth-grade ideology.