Afghanistan unwinnable as long as Karzai rules

Religious fundamentalists are generally stupid and sometimes plain evil, as we’ve seen in the wake of a Koran burning by the Fred Phelps wannabe in Florida. You presume irrational behavior from zealots, but you should be able to expect better from a head of state.

Both Afghan and international news media had initially played down or ignored the actions of Mr. Jones, the Florida pastor. On Thursday, however, President Karzai made a speech and issued statements condemning the Koran burning and calling for the arrest of Mr. Jones for his actions. On Friday, that theme was picked up in mosques throughout Afghanistan.

“Karzai brought this issue back to life, and he has to take some responsibility for starting this up,” said a prominent Afghan businessman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution if he was identified as a critic of the president.

“Karzai’s speech itself provoked people to take such actions,” said Qayum Baabak, a political analyst in Mazar-i-Sharif. “Karzai should have called on people to be patient rather than making people more angry.”

2 responses to “Afghanistan unwinnable as long as Karzai rules”

  1. 10 years – how long is too long? We should’ve learned from our Soviet friends… I saw some poor kid from Ga just died over there. Seriously what the hell are we doing? What is the desired outcome? Hitler & Japan were both eneded within 4- years. Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya could go on 4 – years.

  2. Afghanistan is not “winnable” no matter who is president of that country, or of ours. So, we re-define what it means to “win”.

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