Pakistani actress to mullah: Fuck you!

A real profile in courage.

5 responses to “Pakistani actress to mullah: Fuck you!”

  1. Wow. Very compelling. I hope she remains safe.

  2. this was very …. how to say….corageous from her and after all she is wright. I am sad to see in 2011 that in other parts of the world freedom exist only in words.

  3. Wow! what a woman. I wish she was the president of Pakistan. There is one God that loves all people for who they are as a human being. To claim any difference is a manipulation of the person who speeks it, and any religion they claim supports them for their own benefit. I saw a person who loves all people, and believes we are all Gods children. There is no hope for mankind unless each of us around the world believes, and stands up for this. I hope no harm comes to her for speaking out as a human being. Portland Oregon USA

  4. email required

    Indeed, FUCK THIS MULLAH. I bet he checks out hot ladies secretly and then issues fatwas banning that type of bullshit. This guys a fucking idiot.

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