Likes: Lee Greenwood, NASCAR and Christian marriage retreats

Tom Graves, a Tea Party favorite who assumed Nathan Deal’s vacant Congressional seat, isn’t going to be out-yokel-ed by anyone.

“I never listen to NPR. As I travel across Georgia, I tune in to hear Glenn Beck or Rush, Hannity or catch the news or just relax to good ole country music. NPR is too snooty for my taste.

The politically correct drivel that passes for entertainment on NPR doesn’t appeal to me. Plus I’m probably like you and I believe that NPR is rightfully under fire from conservatives for firing Juan Williams for having the audacity to be conservative and appear on NPR’s most hated rival, Fox News.

Whether NPR is on the air or not wouldn’t matter to me except for this cold hard truth: They’re funded with your tax dollars and mine….

The NPR types like to project the image of being all lovey-dovey, but when it comes to negative campaigning, they’re cruel, relentless, personal and fueled by a self-righteous disdain for anything and anybody conservative.”

What is he, 12? And for someone who “never” listens to NPR, he sure seems to know a lot about it.

If Graves doesn’t believe NPR should receive taxpayer dollars, fine. But his juvenile sensibilities shouldn’t be a factor in the decision.

And for the record, I bet the “good ole’ country music” he favors is that awful new shit, a la Rascal Flatts. Besides, Willie Nelson is too liberal.

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3 Comments on Likes: Lee Greenwood, NASCAR and Christian marriage retreats

  1. matt h // March 19, 2011 at pm //

    wtf does this have to do with nascar

  2. You need to brush up on stereotypes.

  3. atlpaddy // March 22, 2011 at pm //

    Graves forgot to use ‘them city-folk’ and ‘high-falutin’ in his stupid diatribe. I wonder if he walks around the halls of Congress barefoot with his pants rolled up and a weed-stalk dangling from his mouth. What a hayseed.

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