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John Oxendine’s star power

In his last full day in office, Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine issued himself several licenses to sell insurance and adjust claims, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned.

Oxendine did not take the mandated classes or licensing tests, using his authority as insurance commissioner to waive requirements for himself that apply to other Georgians seeking to sell insurance.

Grossly inappropriate, at best, but that’s Oxendine. His rationale is almost as bad.


OMG, it's the Ox!

He also said he decided against taking the tests because he worried his presence would be a distraction to other test takers.”We didn’t want to close down a testing center,” he said. “I didn’t want anyone getting a bad grade and saying the insurance commissioner was sitting next to them distracting them.”

Stars don’t come much brighter than John Oxendine.






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  1. I am appalled, disenchanted, and outraged that we, as Georgians, have not turned a million flips over this issue. I find it to be the most grossly abuse of powers that anyone has committed in a long while. As a insurance agent, I think it is a slap in the face to the thousands of agents across the state who have had to take the courses, take the test, and take continuing education courses to maintain our license. Frankly, I believe if you are the insurance commissioner and you haven’t taken the courses and tests that are required, and passed them, I don’t think you should hold the office.

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