No working class heroes in this bunch

4 thoughts on “No working class heroes in this bunch”

  1. This is the second time in 6 years Democratic legislators have fled the state to avoid having to be on the losing end off a vote. Texas Democrats fled to Oklahoma several years back. As we were told when Obama appointed Sotomayor and Kagan, “elections have consequences”.

  2. I hope the gov wins this battle – it’s not like he is asking too much from them. However, if they don’t give up a little apparently 12,000 will get their asses fired. Good luck finding another job in the Obama economy.

    Also, I don’t think Presbo had any business sticking his neck in this when the federal govt deficit is now $14 trillion.

  3. Well, as much as I think that teachers should have a more honored role in this society and probably more money (yes, education is one of the most important things, otherwise you end up with idiots adoring Palin and Co…), I also think this must be purely based on how good the teachers are, and when you suck you should be fired. Unions are in the meantime nearly obsolete (even though they played an important role in the rise of the US economy).

    And it is not an Obama economy, the shit came down due to killing all regulations for big banks and businesses and irresponsible low amount of taxes – starting with Reagan. Obama has nothing to do with the downturn and the stimulus helped to prevent a bigger crush (at least according to most economical experts in US and Europe).

  4. So if things are good Obama gets credit and now 25 months into his presidency he has no fault to our poor economy – okay…

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