George Costanza and the Muslim Brotherhood

Remember that “Seinfeld” episode when George’s luck turned after he decided to act contrary to his normal instincts?

Seems an increasing number of Americans have adopted the “opposite” theory when it comes to ideology. Ex: Sarah Palin, loved by many on the right simply because she’s reviled by the left. Nothing else explains her popularity.

We’re seeing this phenomenon play out with the Muslim Brotherhood, ranked somewhere between Satan and Nazi Germany on Beck’s Evil-O-Meter. Reflexively, the left chides us not to worry. Sure, they’re religious fundamentalists, but they’re the good kind.

While it’s true they have renounced violence, which has them at odds with Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood still wants to rule under Sharia law — a system that is inherently violent towards women and gays. Doesn’t sound  very secular to me.

(from 2/10/11):

TONY JONES: Is it still the primary aim of the Islamic Brotherhood to create an Islamic state in Egypt based on Sharia law?

KAMAL EL-HELBAWY: They will promote that aim and objective, but if the people agree for it, there is no enforcement. If the people like it to be ruled by Islam, why not? This is not our immediate aim at present, but we will not forsake that aim and we will work for it in future peacefully, not through enforcement.

I don’t trust Muslim Brotherhood, but I’m not fearful. Egyptians, acting independently of the Brotherhood, have just overthrown a dictator — why would they want to install a different kind of fascism? The Islamists may have a role in a new government, but they won’t dominate it.

The Middle East is changing, for the better. My advice to those who fear it:

Try the opposite.

2 responses to “George Costanza and the Muslim Brotherhood”

  1. I hope it works out for them – as you stated, why would they want to replace one task master with another? I’m trying to think of a normal, democratic muslim country – Turkey? I think there are many good non jihadi seeking muslims – I hope those are the ones who take power in this domino effect taking place in the Mideast.

  2. Well, the Iranians replaced one autocrat, the Shah, with another, the Ayotollah Khomeini. It hasn’t worked out too well for them. Egypt will go the same way. This is bad news for the West, and even worse news for Israel.
    The Muslim Brotherhood has, and can only have, a single goal: a worldwide caliphate. They will say whatever is necessary at a given moment. Like their close cousins Hezbollah, they are masters of public relations, with the kind assistance of the increasingly irrelevant western media.

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