Chick-fil-A may not like me, but I like Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is the best fast food chain in America. Period. They’re efficient, courteous and consistent. I could care less about their CEO’s politics.

The Atlanta-based company has come under fire from gay rights groups for supplying food to an event sponsored by the Pennsylvania Family Institute, which has worked to defeat same-sex marriage initiatives. (I guess feeding religious fundamentalists crosses some sort of progressive line in the sand.)

Granted, Chick-fil-A is sympathetic to the Pennsylvania Family Institute’s cause, as is half the country. So what? Fast food chains neither shape or influence public opinion.

To those who want to boycott, fine. It’s not my time you’re wasting. But this kind of hyperbole (excerpted from an online petition against Chick-fil-A by students at Florida Gulf Coast University) will prove counterproductive:

“The Student Union is a place where all students should feel safe and welcome. By allowing a company with a history of bigotry and homophobia into our campus, we potentially allow FGCU to place monetary gain above the comfort and safety of the very students who are expected to frequent the Union Building,” say the group of students at FGCU.

‘Cause you never know when a Chick-fil-A manager might spork you in the eye for wearing a Margaret Cho T-shirt.

I’m curious as to where all this ends. Should I research the political leanings of the company that installed the drinking fountains where I work? I’d hate to think I was consuming anti-gay water.

6 responses to “Chick-fil-A may not like me, but I like Chick-fil-A”

  1. > To those who want to boycott, fine.

    This post consists completely of entirely rational and reasonable points. I’m calling off my Atl. Malcontent boycott.

  2. I wonder how many Hispanics, African-Americans and gay individuals have benefited directly from CFA college scholarships and Truett Cathy’s generosity – I bet plenty. These boycotts are their right, but plain stupid. Leave it to college students to take it to the extreme.

  3. @ Atlantan
    College students take it to the extreme, huh? So glad the rest of the nation’s moderate & rational.

  4. @James – yes they do. I was there 20 years ago and hell yes they take it to the extreme – not all, but a very vocal minority. CFA bigoted – WTF. Truett Cathy who was so poor growing up his parents couldn’t afford to live in the Techwood homes, whose brothers (who were his business partners) died in a plane crash when CFA was just getting started and who has done much for many poor people and minorities – too call him bigoted is idiotic and moronic.

  5. To be fair, Cathy could be all that you said and still be a bigot. I’m not saying he is, but his background isn’t much different from George Wallace’s.

  6. except he never chased blacks out of CFA

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