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A well-paid media personality quits over money and takes democracy with him

The wailing and gnashing of teeth from Daily Kos diarists over Keith Olbermann’s departure from MSNBC makes for an easy parody — no editing required.

I’m sick to death over this, and it is yet another piece of the puzzle of the Shock Doctrine in full view of our eyes.  It is disgusting, and we must have a complete plan of action to raise our voices, and I don’t just mean complaining or canceling Comcast.

I’m talking real action here.  I welcome your ideas.  What can we do as a community to stop this vicious and final take over of what little is left for the progressive open free market for real news on our airwaves?

Time to go to the fucking ‘mattresses,’ for Keith, because next with this new Comcast/NBC merger, Rachel Maddow will be next, and so will Ed Schulz and Darrell Ratigan.

If Ratigan goes, fascism wins.






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