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Rhetoric is not irrelevant

I haven’t vetted this, and I’m reluctant to comment until all the facts are in. Still …

UPDATE: Jesse Kelly was Giffords’ opponent in the Nov. election. Can we at least agree this kind of posturing is, at best, absurd? I salute his service, but I don’t recall Ike driving around with a pistol in his crotch when he ran for political office.

How long ’til the NRA says, “If only the congresswoman was packing heat…”


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  1. Please be better than this… Once we know this guy is a conservative, tea party guy, okay.

  2. I’m not making a judgment, just presenting potential evidence. I think both sides should cut out the demonizing of political opponents, and it looks like both sides are jumping to conclusions, which I may be guilty of in a passive sense.

  3. Political rhetoric has been and will always be hot – Adams / Jefferson, Burr / Hamilton, etc. Adams & Jefferson demonstrated that once political enemies can become friends.

    If anything the bulls eye metaphor will now / should be a thing of the past.

  4. I see the shill who posts as ‘Atlantan’ has “done his/her part” by spamming false equivalency in this corner of the Web, just has its counterparts have done elsewhere.

    1) after-fact false equation of phrase ‘dead to me’, to an actual shooting.
    2) false equation of DNC Presidential election swing state map (the bullseye reference) with Representative-hitlist doublespeak.

    The speed and breadth of our taliban’s propaganda machine has been amazing to watch. It reminds me of the Mission Impossible assignment disclaimer.

  5. Mike – and the left (Krugman, CNN, et al said nothing – absolutely fair and silent…) right. Sorry to see that you are caught up in the cult of hate.

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