A proud day

2 thoughts on “A proud day”

  1. It’ll be interesting to see how it works. More gays have served in the military and probably some notable people than anyone knows. The opponents make it sound like the most flamboyant queen you could ever imagine is all the sudden going to join the military. I don’t think it’ll turn out that way. I guarantee you that Israel has plenty of gays in the military since everyone has to serve.

  2. I am happy for all those who wanted this, but the politicians’ vote lust made this happen over the objections of the men whose job it is to actually make the military branches function.

    The military is not just another civil service branch of government. Our military always has maintained its own code of conduct, its own court system, its own system of punishment. Now a group of lame duck politicians has imposed their, ahem, superior worldview on the army brass. Time will tell whether this is a good thing, but I think not. Our military has proven to be the greatest in the world under the previous set of rules. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was actually a step forward for gays serving in the military, but none of the press coverage I have seen in recent years acknowledges that.

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