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Sheldon Greenbriar’s Holiday Blurbomat (bonus edition)

Some fresh dish ‘n ‘dat, my Winter Solstice gift to you:

  • Billy Zabka is nothing like the preppy villains he portrayed on-screen. A true gentleman, just like the late C. Thomas Howell.
  • Can someone explain to me why Matt LeBlanc is not a movie star?
  • I’m pitching a new reality show: Sheldon Greenbriar’s Burbank. Thanks for the inspiration, Gov. Palin.
  • Speaking of inspiring, Paula Poundstone‘s new one-woman show will make you laugh, cry and think.
  • I’m told Pat O’Brien is drinking again. You didn’t hear that from me.
  • I wish I could meet the Fockers every holiday season. Finally, a role worthy of Robert DeNiro’s talents.
  • My sources tell me Michael McDonald is busy recording a CD of prog rock covers. Can’t wait.
  • A challenge for Mr. Buggles. If video killed the radio star, what killed the video star? I suspect the information superhighway.

Well, I best return to my banana flambe. Merry X-mas, and to my Jewish friends, Happy Kwanzaa!


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