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Georgia’s most corrupt governor bids adieu

He robbed the state blind yet leaves with a favorable approval rating. Sonny’s replacement could well be indicted for his financial misdeeds, but Georgia’s voters have demonstrated they care little about ethics.

On Wednesday, the Board of Natural Resources agreed to pay $28.7 million for 10,015 acres of Oaky Woods wilderness in middle Georgia. Six years ago, the price was roughly the same — for the entire 20,000-acre tract.

By passing on the property in 2004, over the protests of environmentalists, the state allowed the pristine black bear habitat to pass into the hands of Houston County developers — whose plans to build a private city did wonders for local land prices.

The assessed value of 101 acres adjacent to the Oaky Woods property, purchased by Gov. Sonny Perdue a year or so earlier, more than doubled to $750,100.

Oops. Sorry. I forgot to mention Perdue’s interest in the transaction. Just like the governor forgot to mention it in 2004. The same governor who appoints Department of Natural Resources board members.

The legacy of Gov. H. Dumpty is steeped in corruption. Has there ever been a bigger crook in the Governor’s Mansion?





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