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Republicans demand broader powers for Obama justice department

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You know the Republicans have lost their way when they vigorously argue in favor of something they warned against just two years ago.

Remember hearing conservatives insist that Obama was going to revive the Fairness Doctrine as part of his Marxist plot to give Omar Sharif his own show on government-run radio? I understand if you’ve forgotten, seeing as how the president hasn’t even raised the issue.

Now those same voices want Obama to order his justice department to prosecute any media outlet that facilitated the publication of leaked government secrets obtained by Bond villain Julian “you can’t spell ass without” Assange. They’re pissed that Obama hasn’t ignored all First Amendment precedents and prosecuted everyone from Amazon to the New York Times.

In order words, fear imaginary government overreach but cheer real threats to free speech, as long as the organizations targeted veer left. Hell, they must hate the Times more than Obama.

If there’s anything you don’t compromise on, it’s the First Amendment.


2 thoughts on “Republicans demand broader powers for Obama justice department Leave a comment

  1. Your point is well-made. But there should be a way to prosecute “leakers” of certain information without gutting the First Amendment. Scooter Libby was prosecuted for information actually leaked by Richard Armitage. A government must be able to protect its secrets; not everything is subject to Freedom of Information Act or Open Records Act requests.

  2. Agreed. That’s the way you fix it it — plug the leaks and prosecute the leakers. Pvt. Manning should become well-acquainted with the brig.

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