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The Kanye West of politics

Sarah Palin ain’t gonna “talk in no motherfucking interviews,” having grown weary of the media’s “stupid ass questions” (see Kanye West video, starting at 2:19). Palin is a communications major from the University of Idaho, after all, so don’t be offended when she lectures journalists on journalism.

I’d love a Palin supporter to explain what’s biased about asking someone which newspapers or magazines they read.


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  1. Only when one is caught off guard is it offensive. Palin is closing in on over exposure – if she wants to stay a cheerleader fine, but for presidential material we need someone with proven executive experience like Mitch Daniels. If Obama has proven anything it is America should elect only proven individuals for President and not community leaders with two years in the senate or individuals having only served 2 years as Gov of Alaska.

    In 2012 if America doesn’t elect a serious and intelligent leader as president we are in a heap of trouble.

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