Nothing sane about Yusuf Islam

Why was the Islamic fundamentalist formerly known as Cat Stevens invited to the Stewart-Colbert rally? Salman Rushdie is right to gripe.

In my previous post about Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam I quoted Salman Rushdie’s surprise that Jon Stewart had given a starring role at his “Rally for Sanity” to a crooner who had previously opined that Rushdie deserved to die for deciding of his own free will to abandon Islam and criticise its texts.

3 responses to “Nothing sane about Yusuf Islam”

  1. That’s different…

  2. Yusuf was a lone voice speaking out against terrorism on his website immediately after 9/11. Many people have been disappointed that more Muslims did not rebuke the terrorist attack. He even donated money to the families of 9/11 victems. Chill out he is not a threat.

  3. I didn’t say he was a threat. I said he wasn’t sane, basing that on his endorsement of the fatwa against Salman Rushdie.

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