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Election Night thread

1:18 SHOCKER! Write-in candidate Levi Johnston winning in Alaska. Bad night for Palinites continues.

12:56 Buzzkill! Voters say no to recreational pot use in Calif.; Jack-in-the-Box lobbyists pissed, Mexican drug cartels cheer!

12:43 Bad night for wingnut Palinites: Fox declares Reid winner in Nev. L. Ron Hubbard said to be “very disappointed” with Comrade Angle.

12:18 Time for Angle to lock and load? She’s trailing by seven in Nevada — will Palin be held responsible for Angle and O’Donnell?

11:47 Barnes concedes; Deal wins; Georgia loses.

11:45 Are those dollar signs in Nathan Deal’s eyes? Sonny can attest.

11:10 Word has it that DEAL WILL DECLARE VICTORY at 11:20 p.m.

11:08 Cagle, Deal wins prove that character counts (long pause).

11:04 Will it be Senate Majority Leader Schumer, Durbin or Reid? Regardless, it’ll be a Dem. as Boxer win ensures Senate stays blue.

11:01 Over/under on (Gov.-elect) Nathan Deal indictment: June 14, 2011?

10:52 Giant guppy celebrates re-election to Senate by trying to swallow little girl.

10:46 Bad news for bigots: Tom Tancredo loses bid for Colo. governor.

10:44 Nevada voters, dreading Reid/Angle victory speech, beg for do-over.

10:19 Casey Cagle, interviewed on local Fox affiliate, suddenly sounds much less Southern than he did in campaign commercials.

9:56 ATLmalcontent declares Nathan Deal is next Ga. governor. He’s up by 18 percent with half the precincts reporting. It’s all but over, so I might as well be first.

9:49 Rand Paul on CNN: “There are no rich, there are no poor, there is no middle class.” Interesting take.

9:16 CNN projects GOP wins control of the House; George Hamilton to be the new Speaker.

9:14 Dem. official tells CNN GOP to pick up 60 House seats.

9:12 AJC says Roy Barnes voices “cautious optimism,” but with 29% of precincts reporting Deal leads by 21 percent.

9:10 Carl Paladino loses, tells supporters to go fuck themselves.

8:26 Governor’s race tightens, but I remain pessimistic:

Georgia – 319 of 2902 Precincts Reporting – 11%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Deal , Nathan GOP 87,767 54%
Barnes , Roy Dem 70,391 43%
Monds , John Lib 5,487 3%

8:24 Rush Limbaugh’s locker mate at all-white Palm Beach golf club trails in W. Va. senate race; Raese loss would seriously complicate GOP’s bid to take over Senate

8:14 GOP tidal wave building. In other surprises, new Tyler Perry movie features strong black women/conniving, cheating black men

8:05 With 5% precincts reporting @votedeal Nathan Deal 58% Roy 38% Monds 3%; overheard at Barnes HQ: “If only I had been more crooked”

8:00 CNN projects: Christine O’Donnell loses. Blames media, anti-witch bias for loss

7:59 Via Andisheh: EXIT POLL: 98 % of Georgians who want to defend the sanctity of @NewtGingrich‘s 3rd marriage from gays voted for Nathan Deal

7:55 Insistence on bipartisanship costs Alan Grayson, Florida’s answer to Daniel Patrick Moynihan

7:47 Bill “The Gambler” Bennett placing bets on whether fellow CNN pundit Paul Begala is more reptile than human; David Gergen’s torn

7:45 Jim DeMint wins re-election in S.C.; blasts Strom Thurmond as “too liberal”

7:40 Last-minute switch to LaRouche party isn’t helping Charlie Crist

7:38 Via Andisheh: EXIT POLL: 84 % of Ga. voters who think Hawaii isn’t a state voted for Nathan Deal

7:30 Sarah Palin calls Karl Rove a bastard on FNC, blames media

7:26 N.C. Senate shocker — write-in candidate and Tea Party favorite Jesse Helms leads in early returns. De-freezing process begins

7:22 John King’s “Martix” board blows a fuse — nation worries about well-being of beloved CNN pundit Eliot Spitzer

7:04 Capt. Hairpiece wins in Kentucky.Huge African-American turnout puts Paul over the top





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  1. The worst President in American history is out to blow his wad in India – $200 million a day – good lord absolutely no excuse.

    My celebration for tonight. Goodbye Jackass!

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