Election Night thread

1:18 SHOCKER! Write-in candidate Levi Johnston winning in Alaska. Bad night for Palinites continues. 12:56 Buzzkill! Voters say no to recreational pot use in Calif.; Jack-in-the-Box lobbyists pissed, Mexican drug cartels cheer! 12:43 Bad night for wingnut Palinites: Fox declares Reid winner in Nev. L. Ron Hubbard said to be "very disappointed" with Comrade Angle. 12:18 Time for Angle to lock and load? She's trailing by seven in Nevada -- will Palin be held responsible for Angle and O'Donnell? 11:47 Barnes concedes; Deal wins; Georgia loses. 11:45 Are those dollar signs in Nathan Deal's eyes? Sonny can attest. 11:10 Word has it that DEAL WILL DECLARE VICTORY at 11:20 p.m. 11:08 Cagle, Deal wins prove that character counts (long pause). 11:04 Will it be Senate Majority Leader Schumer, Durbin or Reid? Regardless, it'll be a Dem. as Boxer win ensures Senate stays blue. 11:01 Over/under on (Gov.-elect) Nathan Deal indictment: June 14, 2011? 10:52 Giant guppy celebrates re-election to Senate by trying to swallow little girl. 10:46 Bad news for bigots: Tom Tancredo loses bid for Colo. governor. 10:44 Nevada voters, dreading Reid/Angle victory speech, beg for do-over. 10:19 Casey Cagle, interviewed on local Fox affiliate, suddenly sounds much less Southern than he did in campaign commercials. 9:56 ATLmalcontent declares Nathan Deal is next Ga. governor. He's up by 18 percent with half the precincts reporting. It's all but over, so I might as well be first. 9:49 Rand Paul on CNN: "There are no rich, there are no poor, there is no middle class." Interesting take. 9:16 CNN projects GOP wins control of the House; George Hamilton to be the new Speaker. 9:14 Dem. official tells CNN GOP to pick up 60 House seats. 9:12 AJC says Roy Barnes voices "cautious optimism," but with 29% of precincts reporting Deal leads by 21 percent. 9:10 Carl Paladino loses, tells supporters to go fuck themselves.

8:26 Governor’s race tightens, but I remain pessimistic:

Georgia – 319 of 2902 Precincts Reporting – 11%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Deal , Nathan GOP 87,767 54%
Barnes , Roy Dem 70,391 43%
Monds , John Lib 5,487 3%

8:24 Rush Limbaugh’s locker mate at all-white Palm Beach golf club trails in W. Va. senate race; Raese loss would seriously complicate GOP’s bid to take over Senate

8:14 GOP tidal wave building. In other surprises, new Tyler Perry movie features strong black women/conniving, cheating black men

8:05 With 5% precincts reporting @votedeal Nathan Deal 58% Roy 38% Monds 3%; overheard at Barnes HQ: “If only I had been more crooked”

8:00 CNN projects: Christine O’Donnell loses. Blames media, anti-witch bias for loss

7:59 Via Andisheh: EXIT POLL: 98 % of Georgians who want to defend the sanctity of @NewtGingrich‘s 3rd marriage from gays voted for Nathan Deal

7:55 Insistence on bipartisanship costs Alan Grayson, Florida’s answer to Daniel Patrick Moynihan

7:47 Bill “The Gambler” Bennett placing bets on whether fellow CNN pundit Paul Begala is more reptile than human; David Gergen’s torn

7:45 Jim DeMint wins re-election in S.C.; blasts Strom Thurmond as “too liberal”

7:40 Last-minute switch to LaRouche party isn’t helping Charlie Crist

7:38 Via Andisheh: EXIT POLL: 84 % of Ga. voters who think Hawaii isn’t a state voted for Nathan Deal

7:30 Sarah Palin calls Karl Rove a bastard on FNC, blames media

7:26 N.C. Senate shocker — write-in candidate and Tea Party favorite Jesse Helms leads in early returns. De-freezing process begins

7:22 John King’s “Martix” board blows a fuse — nation worries about well-being of beloved CNN pundit Eliot Spitzer

7:04 Capt. Hairpiece wins in Kentucky.Huge African-American turnout puts Paul over the top

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6 Comments on Election Night thread

  1. Atlantan // November 2, 2010 at pm //

    Thank you Ella

  2. Atlantan // November 2, 2010 at pm //

    The worst President in American history is out to blow his wad in India – $200 million a day – good lord absolutely no excuse.

    My celebration for tonight. Goodbye Jackass!

  3. George W. is going to India?

  4. Your source on the $200 mil is Michele Bachmann? Enough said.

  5. Atlantan // November 4, 2010 at pm //

    So your okay with this? What business does the President have in India? Why can’t the left be just a little consistent in criticizing Presidential extravagance? They jumped all over Bushes ass just for going to Texas – Obama – the man walks on water.

    Aside – I trust Michele Bachman any day of the week over any Democrat and most Republicans.

  6. The same Michele Bachmann who thinks the news media should investigate members of Congress to ferret out those who are un-American?

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