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Low voter participation understandable

I no longer fret over low voter turnout. I understand it. The older I get the less enthusiastic I am to vote. The candidates treat the public like idiots, running not on ideas and principles but platitudes and bromides.

Now, after months of acting like the Marquise de Merteuil, candidates are attempting to convince voters they’re Ward and June Cleaver.

Across the country, candidates in both parties have found starring roles for their offspring as supporting actors and verifiers of their family values.

Rubio has spent more than a year swinging hard at Charlie Crist, Florida’s Republican-turned-independent governor, portraying him as a flip-flopper who will say anything to get elected. Now, though, Rubio’s campaign is working in a whimsical spot that features the candidate’s four children playfully talking about Dad.

“He sticks to what he believes in,” one of the children says. “Stuff like early bedtimes and no running in the house,” another chimes in.

In Colorado, Democrat Bennet has likewise spent millions of dollars calling his opponent, Ken Buck, an extremist. But rather than a line of attack, his latest spot features his daughters on the phone as a narrator notes that “the Bennet girls are working hard to get out the vote for their dad.”

They love their moms, too, gosh darnit.

And in Ohio and Connecticut, it means candidates’ daughters are speaking straight to the camera, offering testimonials about the virtues of their moms.






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