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Creepy stalker hides behind First Amendment

Forget the smokescreens from the religious right: Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell should be fired.

It’s not what he said, though what he said was ignorant. It’s how aggressively he said it, and who he said it about. Shirvell is a middle-aged professional who should have better things to do than harass a college student, as he’s been doing regularly on a blog dedicated to the kid for the last six months.

On “AC 360,” Shirvell made no apologies for his blog postings, which include a picture of Armstrong with “Resign” written over his face. The same picture also had a swastika superimposed over a gay pride flag, with an arrow pointing toward Armstrong.

He even held a solo protest in front of Armstrong’s residence one night. That’s beyond creepy. I know I’d be fired if I did that. You shouldn’t be able to shit can someone because of who they hate, but you should be able to axe them when they make that hate so public — especially if the hater is a public servant.

Shirvell has taken a leave of absence but has not been fired. I suspect that will change when they find gay porn on his computer, which seems inevitable considering the evidence and what we’ve come to expect from such aggressive homophobes.


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