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Rules on epithets

If you’re white, you shouldn’t say the “N-word.” Why would you think it’s okay? And why would you want to say it?

I embrace my pejorative — it’s one of the few perks. I can use the “F-word”; heteros shouldn’t.

This isn’t hard to understand, and just because the Dr. Laura’s of the world can’t — or won’t — grasp it doesn’t mean the rest of us should suffer under the thumb of the language cops.


2 thoughts on “Rules on epithets Leave a comment

  1. So who makes these rules? The Language Police? The Sensitivity Police? If the latter, please tell them that the majority of Americans do not want a mosque built at Ground Zero and EXPECT the muslims to be a little more sensitive.

  2. You’re a bit obsessed with this mosque. A little sense of humor, please. And why does a white person feel put upon because they can’t use an epithet. Poor white people.

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