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The selective publishing of Andrew Breitbart

ED. NOTE: It’s incorrect to say Breitbart edited the tape, but he published it without doing any due diligence. Regardless, he’s shown himself to be a true weasel by refusing to accept any responsibility for the initial consequences.

His brand of lazy advocacy “journalism” is exposed yet again. Will Hannity, Limbaugh and the rest recant? Doubt it.

Here’s the real story:

Farmer’s wife says fired USDA official helped save their land

By Marcus K. Garner and Christian Boone

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The wife of the white farmer allegedly discriminated against by the USDA’s rural development director for Georgia said Shirley Sherrod “kept us out of bankruptcy.” …


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  1. Sure. I believe that she did. But according to her own words, she did less than she would have for a black person, and “sent him to one of his own”. If a white person said that about a black person you would call for his/her scalp. Black people can be racists, too. Accept it, and stop making excuses for the inexcusable. The “real story” my ass.

  2. Jack, obviously you prefer propaganda to facts. I interviewed the farmer’s wife. She doesn’t think Sherrod was racist, but you know better, eh. BTW, I’m one of the two people on that byline so I don’t appreciate the implication. Sorry, this is no echo chamber, but you can go to Breitbart and get all the selectively edited information you want.

  3. The REAL story is the reception her story received from the NAACP audience in March, 2010.

    The Spooners have been kept in the dark for 24 years that they were discriminated against, and that Sherrod looked down upon them because of their race. I am sure they were grateful. “Thankee for the watermelon, Marse Boone.”

  4. You are patronizing against these people, yet you’re accusing me of doing the same. Sherrod made the mistake of being honest. You made the mistake of being a fucking asshole.

    And nice satire there. Stealing a page from that Tea Party idiot David Williams?

  5. Pretty fucking elitist of you to tell the Spooners what they should think. They know what happened, you don’t. Sherrod helped them, and they’re grateful. But that doesn’t matter — let’s score our cheap little political points and further divide this country along racial lines. I salute you, patriot.

  6. I’m not dividing anything along any lines. I am just pointing out that Sherrod is a racist, and admitted it to the cheers of the NAACP. The last line should not have been directed toward you; I was just pointing out that what Sherrod did to the Spooners is what white southerners did to black people for 100 years: give them a bone and make them feel grateful for it.
    That the Spooners are grateful and that Sherrod is an irredeemable racist are not irreconcilable ideas. Obama has done nothing to “heal the racial divide”; it has gotten worse and will continue to worsen. Don’t blame me for that. I have been to jail more than once fighting for the rights of black people. In certain circumstances, I consider it my solemn duty. Doesn’t make me a saint, but I know what I see in the mirror every morning. I wonder what Sherrod sees in HER mirror?

  7. So, when can we expect Jack ‘The Mighty Black Defender’ to fess up for being completely and absolutely fucking wrong about Sherrod?


  8. >So, when can we expect Jack ‘The Mighty Black Defender’ to fess up for being completely and absolutely fucking wrong about Sherrod?

    Well, no more wrong than the White House, the USDA or the NAACP!

    And, atlmalcontent, are you sure that Breitbart had a full-length video and proceeded to edit it misleadingly? He’s said that he originally received the clip exactly as he posted it. Is there evidence to the contrary?

  9. Eugene – a more pertinent question is why didn’t Breitbart and Bullshit News investigate the full video or contact Sherrod before running with their story. Oh yeah, because it was a propaganda con-job. Fucking spare me.

  10. OK, you’re fucking spared. But there is an even more pertinent question at hand, no matter how much you may wish otherwise. Assuming Breitbart is such a loathsome dipshit (your view, not mine), his irresponsibility is just business as usual.

    So that leads us to the real question. Why did the White House, full of sober and judicious folks as it is, panick and throw Sherrod under the bus without doing the least bit of investigation. Hell, they’re supposed to be the thoughtful, sober and reflective ones, right? They then panicked again and tried to get her back on their team.

    Atlmalcontent, you’ve charged Breitbart with maliciously editing the tape to distort the context. Maybe he did. But I asked what evidence you had to back up that assertion and I’ve heard nothing back. Usually an assertion like that calls for a link that backs up the charge.

  11. The REAL story is the reception her story received from the NAACP audience in March, 2010.

    “but, but, the audience?” I’ve seen this distraction attempt repeated nearly verbatim elsewhere; your benefactors have apparently hit the panic button.

  12. Wow, a nice “Editor’s Note” at the top of the post admitting that Breitbart did not edit the tape in a misleading fashion. I commend you for that, but shouldn’t there be some reference to WHY that note is up there? Something along the lines of –

    “An earlier version of this post recklessly reported that Breitbart had selectively edited the tape in an act of deliberate dishonesty. There was zero evidence for this claim, but I was on a pretty good roll and Goddamn I hate Andy so much, I just went with it. Yeah, I made it up and I figured no one would call me on it, but I was mistaken so I withdrew the claim.”

    By the way, to further undermine your entire point, it’s worth noting that the original clip published by Breitbart, the one that you’re so upset about, included Sherrod’s redemptive statement – “I opened my eyes. I realized it wasn’t about black and white. It was, but it was about other things, about poverty.”

    I don’t know about you but I look forward to seeing Sherrod file a lawsuit against Breitbart. I believe she has absolutely no chance of winning.

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