Coast Guard, at behest of BP, gives First Amendment the middle finger

Fuck the BP criminals and their enablers.

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3 Comments on Coast Guard, at behest of BP, gives First Amendment the middle finger

  1. Jack Straw // July 3, 2010 at am //

    Well, that would include Obama. That was Robert Gibbs standing next to Thad Allen, wasn’t it? Obama is responsible for this policy. In this vein, he is no different from Richard Nixon, except Obama isn’t used to criticism, whereas Nixon got used to it very early on in his political career.
    Obama is bleeding as the mid-terms loom. NOTHING he has done has worked, and he is attempting to cram through a “comprehensive immigration reform” bill to get hispanic voters to the polls in November to compensate for those who have either turned against him, or become apathetic.. This Gulf atrocity is a hindrance, and he doesn’t want anyone talking about either the spill, the damage, or the money he took from BP.

  2. If you’ve been reading, I’ve been extremely critical of Obama’s handling of the oil spill. The administration’s response has been an absolute failure.

  3. Jack Straw // July 4, 2010 at pm //

    I know you have. But there is a big difference between incompetence and venality. Obama has an ugly side, personified by his Chief of Staff Emanuel.

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