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Oliver Stone, useful idiot and shameless propagandist

He ain't heavy, he's my dictator

The hack director of a fawning new documentary about Hugo Chavez just told Larry King that in Venezuela “you can say anything you want.”


The Board of the World Association of Newspapers has strongly condemned the repression of freedom of speech and the press in Venezuela, and has called on President Hugo Chávez to stop proposed legislation and other measures aimed at silencing the independent press.

“The government “has once again threatened to apply military measures and repression against the media and to enact new and pending legislation limiting freedom of the press,” said the WAN Board in a resolution which was passed on the eve of the World Newspaper Congress and World Editors Forum, which brought more than 1,000 newspaper executives to Istanbul, Turkey, for the global meetings of the world’s press.

In cracking down on the opposition press, Venezuela has recently created a government-controlled committee to regulate the content of news broadcasting and has reopened discussions that would criminalize libel statutes. Recently, the majority of pro-government members of Congress have approved a petition that asks the Attorney General to annul the nationality of several Venezuelan journalists, media owners and other opposition personalities.”

Chavez has also aligned with the fundamentalist thugs who rule Iran, a fact the propagandist Stone chooses to ignore. Useful idiot, indeed.


3 thoughts on “Oliver Stone, useful idiot and shameless propagandist Leave a comment

  1. Yeah – Fuck Oliver Stone. Who cares for him anyway. When was the last good movie he did….probably “Black Hawk Down”?

  2. “Platoon” is the only really good movie Stone ever made. Ridley Scott made Black Hawk Down and did a fine job translating the book to film. I am literally unable to fathom a mind like Stone’s.

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