Friday leftovers

2 thoughts on “Friday leftovers”

  1. 1. Thank you for that clip of Cheeks. That indeed is a real gentleman.

    2. Israel has been attacked since, literally, the day of its founding. Their every response has been condemned by an anti-semitic European media as “disproportionate”. As Jonah Goldberg points out, if Israel is hell-bent on murder, massacres and genocide, why are they so bad at it? No country in the world really is doing anything to assist in slowing down, much less stopping, Iran’s military and financial support for Hamas and Hezbollah. Nearly all of the aid Palestine has received over the decades either was stolen by Arafat, or used to buy weapons. In the U.S., a large, well-organized group is in place raising funds for Hezbollah, either through “charities”, or gangsterism. I am consistently amazed at the restraint Israel shows. I also am very worried at the current U.S. policy toward Israel.

    3. On your last point, I do believe there is a natural tendency in people to prefer the company of other people who look like them. It does not have to take the form of discrimination. But it is there. The term “racist” is far too broad to encompass the infinite array of feelings, emotions and attitudes people hold. The Japanese are some of the most “racist” people on earth, but no one suggests that we cease to do business with them, as has been suggested of Arizona for the immigration law.
    I was raised differently from you. When I was 5, my father hit me – hard – in the face – for saying “Sir”, to a black gas station attendant. (It pained him, I am sure, that my first sports hero was a black man, Henry Aaron; I had a poster and other pictures on the wall in my room). That does not make me inferior to anyone else.

  2. I din’t say anyone was inferior. I said it was inappropriate to assume everyone is a racist. Regardless, sensitivity training for all is an inappropriate waste of time and resources.

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