Gullible public eager to forgive Chris Brown

Depressing results from an Entertainment Weekly poll: Was Chris Brown’s Michael Jackson tribute appropriate? Yes 72% (1,931 votes) No 28% (744 votes) Total Votes: 2,675 Andisheh summed it up best: Man who beat his girlfriend offers heartfelt tribute to man who molested children.

The Blogosphere Says What? (Get your pride on, bitch! edition)

In honor of the weekend that was Pride (everywhere but in Atlanta), enjoy this TBSW? flashback: First of all, I lost my job as diversity coordinator at Diversity Today, the magazine for professionals in the diversity field. It was so unfair. No one’s been hit harder by this stupid recession than me! Fortunately, I’ve been … Continue reading The Blogosphere Says What? (Get your pride on, bitch! edition)

About as fey as I get

So I have a weakness for Petula Clark. What, you got something to say? Wanna go? Alright then. And yes, I also enjoy a little Lulu. (Speaking of Lulu, the Malcontent once received props from Hee Haw’s Lulu Roman — an endorsement I claim with pride.)

The 10 Most Annoying Songs Ever, #4

This plaintive dirge, featured in a ubiquitous credit card commercial a few years back, was difficult to avoid. Sounds like something that came from the 90s, though it was released just four years ago, which makes it suck even harder.