Sometimes luck is all you’ve got

Only the creation of a police state would’ve prevented Faisal Shahzad from driving his SUV into Times Square. Absolute security is impossible in a democracy.

2 responses to “Sometimes luck is all you’ve got”

  1. All the mighty bells and whistles of NSA, FBI, CIA, etc. combined is no match for a near-idiot terrorist wannabee. “I’ll take Luck for a hundred, Alex.”

  2. Prohibiting immigration from arab/muslim countries would help, as a start. And a lot of soldiers died at Ft. Hood because of political correctness. All of Hasan’s superiors knew he was a nut job yet they just kept right on signing off on his fitness reports, passing him off to the next person, making Hasan someone else’s problem. And General Casey said that it would be a “greater tragedy” if diversity in the U.S. military were to suffer as a result. A greater tragedy than 13 dead U.S. soldiers? At some point the people are going to rebel against a government that makes NO effort to keep us safe.
    Janet Napolitano, after the Christmas bomber, said “The system worked.” Last week Michael Bloomberg speculated that the Times Square would-be bomber might be somebody angry at the health care bill. With absolute idiots running this country, of course we are not safe.
    A police state is not necessary. All that is needed is a little courage, which is in very short supply in politics.
    Bloomberg and Napolitano referred to Faisal Shahzad as an “amateur”. Well, golfing fans know that Bobby Jones was an amateur, too.

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