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  1. Is there an accent Kevin Costner hasn’t mastered? 3 minutes ago via web
  2. Happy Mother’s Day, Mama Greenbriar. Thanks for introducing me to the comic stylings of Rita Rudner. Hugs and guffaws, Love Shelly! 15 minutes ago via web
  3. Tyler Perry should remake “Patch Adams” with an African-American cast. “Patches Adams,” starring Will Smith — a blockbuster w/ heart. 17 minutes ago via web
  4. Frances McDormand was so miscast in “Fargo.” I would’ve loved to see Jamie Gertz sink her teeth into that role. 23 minutes ago via web

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2 Comments on Follow Sheldon on Twitter!

  1. norma // May 10, 2010 at am //

    I’m loving Sheldon’s posts! I guess I need to get a twitter account so I can officially follow this wise man.

  2. Ms Ellie // May 11, 2010 at am //

    I love Sheldon too!

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